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Beauty Retouching

October 16, 2013

I am a photoshop freak. I have tried lightroom and still chose photoshop over it. I can make regional and local adjustment easier. It takes timing but I know for sure I will get exactly what I am looking for. I have done retouches to clone people out the photo, add in sky, get rid of if not lessen problem areas. I do it all. I have been using photoshop for over 13 years. No wonder I am comfortable with it and like to use more the tools in photoshop than using actions. Don’t get me wrong I use actions for dramatic looks to finish the photos if needed but 95-99% of the time I am using only the tools in photoshop CS4. The day that Adobe make a photoshop that does not include a few new toys I might jump on the wagon and update it, but I am content with CS4.

Yesterday in a group I am in. We were discussing a photo and did a play with it. The photographer thought the lighting was bad and the young lady makeup was not up to par because she did not have a makeup artist. I explained to her that her photo is on point. The eyes and the soft sweep of shadow on the model face tells me the lighting is good. It has a very nice depth of field. Okay the makeup is not on par but who need a makeup artist when you have photoshop. Grant it, it take longer and more work, but it is possible to still get the look that you are going for. Even when you have a makeup artist you still have to polish the photo to make it cleaner and get rid of things the makeup artist was unable too. I explained the steps of editing to the young lady so she can do her own tweaking to her liking. And explain to her how to get out multi color blotches off a person face.

Just want to share a before non editing photo and then my retouch.


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