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The good, the bad, and the what the hell

October 12, 2013

My goodness the past couple of weeks I literally fell asleep when editing that my laptop fell to the ground on my feet for me to wake up and go to bed. I can normally fight my sleep and not sleep for a day or two the most, but I think my body is fighting back and telling me in it own way to get my buns to bed, the editing can wait.

The last time I wrote, I have wrote that the calendar is available for sale. Since then I got an offer from a lady who gave me an idea in which she offer to help me with it. It is a production and probably you will see it next year if I work on things in a timely matter. One thing I have learn in life is when opportunity comes your way that is positive grab it! My day of being wooshy washy and thinking about thing to long for the opportunity to slip away is done.

As you know every week I have a or a few photoshoot. Last week a photographer and his model drove I think two hours or so to join me in studio with my models. The topic was Pretty in Pink. A funny fashion shoot and the second half was a breast cancer shoot. We spend three hours in the studio and worked well together. The models had a great time and were very professional. Tell me why later my disk was corrupt due to plugging out the cable to place it into a faster port. I end up loosing over 1000 images. Images that I could not replace. I spent over 100 euros to restore the disk to obtain my images. It was only able to find 126 images give or take. My heart was in pain. Those were images I can never get back. Sure I can asked the models to do a retake but it would not be genuine as it was capture. Lesson learn to stop switching ports when transferring over files. I have always done this and nothing have happen until recently. I was able to give the models a few photos and have a few also for my portfolio but from what I knew I had, it truly sucked.

I am about to wrap this post up. I need to get everything ready for a shoot tomorrow. It will be a Victorian era shoot. I love the Victorian era fashion, hairstyle, and most of all how the men treated the women. I am hoping to capture some amazing photos and praying for the weather not to be to cold as today, because then I will feel sorry for my models. I am so tired physically but my mind is still strong and is always looking to capture each shoots. Wishing you all a great weekend!

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