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Relizing that you’re no longer Young

September 29, 2013

Tonight I went to an over the hill birthday party and just came back home 4am in the morning! I been dancing for a good 8 hours on and off alcohol free. Funny though how life is. How one do not see themselves age. Naturally they see the grey hair, the wrinkling of there skin on their face, and hands. Sometime even age spot on their face and hands. I have to smile when I see my husband. I always joke with him that he is showing the sign of aging even though he has a baby face the spotting and grey hair are showing.

Tonight at the party I looked around at all our friends friends and said wow. I am truly in this age category. These people were beautiful and handsome both inside and out. But you can tell by looking at them they were no longer spring chicken and nor were I. We moved liked we were young. Some drank like it too, lol. But in the early morning many of us were walking around barefooted and limping because of soar feet and back. I had to laugh.


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