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You’re Unique in your Own Way

September 19, 2013

If you been following me on and off you know that I am a hippy chick that believe you should never compare yourself to others. It will just drive you crazy and make you look ugly if you’re not genuinely happy for that person. Plus what is wrong with being “you”?

This weekend I have the possibility of three photo shoots and for one of them I am nervous as heck! Hubby tell me stop over thinking it and I am like this lady as been modeling for many years. She is a pay model but saw my work a few months ago and ask me if I would like her help to build my portfolio. She will be driving 2 hours to get here in Esslingen and she have paid for a hotel nearby to stay over night to do some afternoon & night shooting and then studio shooting with me later. This lady photos are top notch and images are mouth dropping. I am so afraid if my work does not compare to other photographers she had. I mention it to her and she told me if she thought my work was not good she would of never emailed me. I still feel stick to my stomach. Tomorrow since it is a city shoot. I need to walk around my city to know exactly where I want to photograph her because I know she will be tired after her drive. Wish me luck that I don’t vomit on her…heck I might not eat a couple of hours before she come to be on the safe side.

A kind friend told me this today in which I will need to remember:

Breathe Lora! She asked you for a reason. Just be your wonderful self and do what you do! She obviously likes what you do! Every shot you take will never be your clients’ favorite but they will treasure them because you were such a wonderful person to be with and there will be the few that they really like. You do wonderful work and remember…the models get nervous too.

So today I practice my breathing but still won’t eat a few hours before the shoot.

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