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Jpeg vs Raw

September 15, 2013

Today I have a little time to finally post a basic blog about jpg and raw. The benefit of both and the disadvantage. This blog is totally subjective about what I have learned and my experience.

An easy way I learned the difference years ago that I can always remember is that jpg is like a compact cookie that has been baked. All the ingredients are inside and nothing can be change to enhance the taste other than dunking it into a glass of milk. Raw is the ingredients of that bake cookies. Things can be added and taking out for you to have that cookie exactly the way you like it and if you decide that cookie is not tasty enough it is easy to add in more ingredients to spice it up.

A picture is worth a million words. Therefore on the weekend I took this picture. One is jpg and the other is raw. Both the exact same setting. F/2.8 shutter speed 1/250 ISO 400 spot metering AWB-automatic white balance. Normally when shooting I would set my white balance accordingly to the environment but for this example I want to show you what a typical person would set their AWB to, plus to be honest, many time if I am moving from one environment to another I leave it on AWB because I am shooting in RAW. Shooting in raw it really does not matter what my white balance is because I can easily fix it or be creative and pick a different white balance depending on the theme of the photo.

Lora Victoria Fotografie

jpg vs raw

The photo to the left is jpg. You can see the difference right away. The jpg photo is dull compare to the Raw. The Raw photo is more vivid and full of life. There were no editing done to either photos. They are both straight out of camera.

I wrote the benefit of working in Raw, but working in raw have a few fallback. Raw take a lot of space. If you’re going on a trip I suggest you work in jpg, buy a bigger card for you camera, or bring along a usb/storage drive to empty your disk into. 16GB and up is perfect to constantly taking tons of vacation memories each to empty out to your storage drive without having to suffer having low quality images. You never know perhaps one of those image would win a contest or could be enter into a magazine.

As I mention I want to write a short basic blog. I want for you one day this week to step out of your comfy zone and shoot raw atleast for one day straight for you to get a feel for it. If you wondering how can you convert your Raw file over to jpg and Tiff file once you finish bake it. There are software out there such as Photoshop, Lightroom, and so on that can help you enhance the photo easily with still keeping the original.


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