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Photoshop Landscape Editing

August 14, 2013

I have had a few people ask me in the past how do I edit and if I edit my photos by scratch. I would say I edit 85% from scratch depending the type of photo and what I would like the end result to be. Plus I enjoy working with the tools in photoshop.

The photo from yesterday, the only thing used were curve and a few layer masks to make the photo pop. I could use a layer to give it a soft powder look to the photo by using a preset action or just simply use a tool in photoshop. But I just wanted a nice clean crisp photo. Nothing is wrong about using action presets, plug ins, or doing things from scratch. What ever tools you choose to use have fun and be creative with it.

The pop it photo I want to show you how a color layer on softlight with a low opacity can bring a little bit more life into the image. No action or preset was needed.
Lora Victoria Fotografie

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