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Release and Let Go

June 25, 2013

Life is not easy. One week everything is good than the other someone or something comes into your life and say your too happy let me stop that. Last week I was on cloud nine, heck for a few months now…all was going well for me. During the weekend I receive news and that little news took me out of my happy mood into a funk. The bad thing is that it is a quick solve but I let it drag my weekend down so much I was getting in the depression stage.

My husband, mom, and some wonderful people gave me some advices and told me it is only a bump in the road that can be smooth out. Continue moving forward and don’t look back. Just release and let go. Now when simple situation comes into my life that is not major I am going to just release and let go.

This is my favorite song on youtube Madcon featuring Kelly Rowland “One Life”. I listen to it always when working for a motivator and to clear my head when I am in a funk. It makes me feel better in so many ways.

Stop, breath, release, and let go


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