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I’m not really back

May 22, 2013

Seeing me write this post you might think I am back but not really. I have been so busy dealing with life that I typically have to make a calendar every months with things I need to get done, appointments made, sewing to be complete, and etc. Just been truly busy.

I have a confession, I miss blogging. I have nothing blog worthy to write. Just things happen in life that I want to share. Mostly a sentence or less than a paragraph. When an inspiration or something hit me I will write something but with comment off. Just like a thought for the day to be process. So here I go:

I have been bumping into a lot of old classmates and it feels great to catch up. I think because the weather is getting better it is typical to see each other. Yesterday I went shopping for my nieces and nephews. Walked in the neighboring city for almost 9 hours looking for the precise items they wanted and tried not to break the bank. After finally finding all that was on the list and finding something to surprise my mom with I took the train and bus home. Once I got off my stop I heard someone calling my name. I first ignore it because I honestly was too tired to want to talk or listen. Then I heard my name for the second time then I turn around. I told myself who ever it is must really want to tell me something. I turn around and it was the devil smiling at me in my face. Many of you, if you’re still around reading this, remember when I mention a young lady in my class who I mentally knock out punch in my head many days because she was irritating. Well two years has past and all that was done was really forgotten. I don’t even want to dig up that blog to see why she irritate the dickings out of me. Yesterday we talked for a good amount of time. We were both catching up what we have done after passing our integration course. She is doing very well and I am very proud of her. She has back the type of job she left before coming to Germany. She explained to me how hard it is to speak 7-9 hours a day in German and to listen to it all but she have to. She explained how many new words she did not understand and how sometime she ask people to check over her emails. I was totally surprise because I remember her being smart and knowing so much. We chat and chat until the rain pour on us and exchange email quickly. She told me that we must do something together one day since we live like two blocks from each other, lol. I told her yeah we should and meant it.

It just funny how time flies and how things are forgotten if you just allow them to. Holding onto a petty grudge only make one sad so just let go of it and move on.

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