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2012 came and Went

December 9, 2012

Each year I learn so much about myself. I learned that my body can not tolerate more than one glass of wine, champagne, bottle of beer, or two glasses of Radler. I will start to bust out in laughter, end up a bit forgetful, then feel as if I need to go to sleep.

I have learned if I put my mind to something I can do it. If I slack off I am the one who is self sabotaging me. This is something that I know but it is always a repeat work of progress for me. Each year I feel as if I hardly accomplish anything. Funny thing is that is not true. I accomplish a lot but I am always hard on myself. I am very happy in life. I have accomplish so much. I have learned to talk up, to tell people how I feel. I have finally said enough is enough and moved on. I have left many friendships without looking back. To put it nicely I got tired of the one sideness of it.

This year I have been using my creative side of my brain and loving it! This is only a little piece of what been going on with me in 2012 and looking forward to see what I can make out of 2013. Wishing you all a wonderful holiday and a successful 2013!

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