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It’s the Little Things

July 11, 2012

This month has been freaking awesome and it is not over as yet! Last week I went out with some of the young ladies that I mentions sometime last year in the post Taking Chances. This was the first time we done something with the hubbies. Normally it is just us girls hanging out and kicking the breeze whenever we have time.  The night was awesome! We all sang, dance, and made fools of ourselves. I drove home excited talking to the hubby than tears started rolling down my face. My hubby had to asked me what was wrong. I told him nothing. Tonight have been the best night of my life since in Deutschland  hanging out with good people. Since I been here we hang out with people and it has been nice, but last week was different. I think because everyone was really down to earth. No one was complaining about the weather or other people, no one cares what others thought about them, everyone included everyone in the conversation and dancing. Even the person who was quiet. I had to nudge him a bit until he sang into my beer microphone bottle.  We hell up flashlights and turn on our cell phone singing “We are the World”. We had a Moon Walk contest on Michael Jackson song and bust some moves, LOL. Hated the night ended.  There was a moment that made my heart said “ah”. Literally picture a cartoon heart just saying that. The young lady in the post “Taking Chances” grabbed my arm, started to sing, and rock us back and forth. Now this was unexpected. Yes, we all were dancing and singing but before the song “We are the World” no one was holding anyone. This moment made me miss my girlfriends that I call sisters. This was something we would do and to get this from a stranger melted my heart. I have not met anyone here “in person” in which I am close to or can confine in. The ones in which I tried broke my heart and I separated myself from them. It would be nice to have a true friendship here another person I could call my sister which is define as a person one can go to when they feel down. A person who is honest but says what they think on their mind very gentle and with ease still thinking about the other feeling but must be honest also on what she think. A person who is openhearted and minded who does not have motives. A person who help build up another self esteem, portfolio when needed without stipulation, and most of all real.

My hubby is currently out of town, but if you know me from reading my post I tend to make myself busy. Busy enough so that I won’t miss him to much or get depress.  Since he left I have been on a skyping frenzy. I been skyping and catching up with everyone especially family members. I talk to everyone pretty much via email but it is so great to hear their voices to the early morning while the sun came up and sticking the laptop out the window for them to see the view on my block. I plan to call my niece and nephew tonight to finish up for them to read me a bed time story. Than my other set of nieces and nephew for them to tell me about their adventure at camp and playing baseball. I know there were many platform before Skype and at the moment Skype is the most popular. All I have to say thank goodness for the person who have invented it!

Melisse Salad

Today I crack myself  up. This month in What Sha Cooking the monthly theme is to cook or make a food item/meal which represent where you live. So far I am having a ball with it and enjoy seeing and learning from everyone.  That said I was thinking to make a Gurken Salat which is cucumber salad. Than I said to myself I have Melisse growing off my balcony like wild weed really good. Why not use it to go with my salad. I took out my cooking shears, grabbed a bowl, and started cutting off the leaves. Than I busted out into laughter saying to myself, “I would never dream in a million years that I would be growing herbs and taking from it”. The action of doing this was just surreal for me. Ofcourse this is normal and nothing special, but for someone who just buy things or grow things only for decoration it was like “wow” to me, lol, I guess I have a green thumbs when it comes to herbs and certain vegetables.

This month have really been great all because of the little things in life.

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  1. July 12, 2012 8:42 am

    Aww. This post made me smile so much. Real friendship is something to be treasured, indeed. Just keep being the awesome Lora that you are- enjoying life and all- and the other things will come. Probably when you least expect it. 😉

  2. July 17, 2012 2:24 am

    Beautiful picture!!!

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