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Any Human Heart

April 21, 2012

Early this morning, I stayed up past 3am just to watch a three hour movie “Any Human Heart”. Typically I do not have an attention span to watch a movie that is over 120 minutes; however, this movie was worth the lack of sleep. The movie attracted my attention when I seen it started with actors who was wearing clothing before WWII. I love old movies, because I love to look at the fashion and hairstyles.

As the movie began it began with friends riding a bike than three dear friends growing up into adult as young man experiencing life. As time went on these three dear friend became man and went their separated ways but kept in contact. Eventhough the movie showed three dear friends it was mainly about one life story. The story of birth, happiness, infidelity, pain, loss, grief, and accepting life by looking forward and not behind.

This movie I would recommend for anyone to watch when they have time. To truly enjoy it. When watching this movie I did not have a reflection on my life. I more thought about my mom. My mother is not only a wonderful mother I am grateful of having and love to death, but she is my father, my sister, and my best friend. If I would lose her I would lose myself. I talk to my mom twice a week if I am lucky and once a week when not. Talking to her make it feels as she is close by.

I am not afraid of death or quhing when speaking about the topic. I feel lost without her. She is miles away and I still have a shoulder to cry on and an ear to laugh in. She is a part of me as I am of her. When one leave from this world a piece of them always stay here with you. Whether it is in your heart, a photo, a furniture item, or clothes. Many of us don’t think of death of our love ones because it is not a pleasure photo. Many of us think or want our love ones to be living until it is time for us to meet the end.

Love, cherish, and enjoy the people in your life. Tomorrow you may not have plans, but life have plan for you. Love you all and have a great weekend!

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  1. April 23, 2012 2:22 pm

    This was so beautiful! And it warms my heart knowing how close you are to your mother. Yes, cherish those close… 🙂

    Thank you Lora for this post. You ´have a way of writing straight to the heart.

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