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Aging Gracefully

March 18, 2012

Getting older tend to be an awful feeling for so many especially once they hit their 30’s for what ever reasons. I like getting older. Getting older signify that I lived to make mistakes, learn and grow from them, laugh, cry, grieve, and make the best out of what ever life throws at me.

Last week I was looking into the mirror placing moisturizer onto my face. I tend to dance as I get ready to leave out the house, but at this moment a song in which did not move me was playing. I slowly place the cream onto my face and examine every single crease and wrinkles. I smile to myself as I creamed my face and painted my eyes full blast of 4 to 5 eye shadows.

Once I was dressed, I did a final look in the mirror to make sure I was put together. I spiked my hair with my hands and shook it a little so that it could looked a little wild and said to myself, “Dam, I am looking my age. I likey”. People tend to think I am in my 20’s which is a great compliment; however, I like the mature looking me. My husband came back home from Japan yesterday and was wow from my new look. He complimented of how he like the changes. I told him I do too. I think I will keep this look for a while.

I am getting older, learning to talk how I feel with out going around the bush, focusing on health, enjoying every minute I have with the hubby, surrounding myself with positive people (everyone have down days but many like to drown themselves in a pool of negativity and pull you down with them. I am too tired and getting too old to swim with them), and most of all being thankful of all the good and bad that life has to offer.

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The next time you look in the mirror. Appreciate how beautiful your line of wrinkles under your eyes, in the crease of your brows, or around your lips are. Every sign of aging should be a good feeling. It shows that you have experience the good and bad of life, and more importantly you have lived to share life lesson with another.


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