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Junk Tv…is it really worth watching

March 13, 2012

I love to watch junk tv. I typically watch three hours of tv per day, but this week with the hubby being away and I promise him that I will rest in bed.  I am stuck with not knowing how to function the bedroom tv which as purely German channels unlike the living room. Which is okay because I have certain channels that I enjoy watching for a good laugh. You be amaze how much you can learn about a country regulation, culture, and just common sense watching junk tv.  Let me start off with the one that tickle me the most.

A 15 year old girl was dating a guy who is 10 years older than her. Her father forbidden her to see her boyfriend. She end up leaving out the window. Her parent figured out that she went to the boyfriend house where he lives with his mother. The parent took her home after she fuss and argue with them and refused to leave. Once the parent took the daughter home they locked the window with the key and took away her cell phone. Her parent did not knew that she had another cell phone hidden in her room until the police officers came knocking at their door. The daughter called her friend to called the police to let them know that her parents  are keeping her prisoner.  The parent explained what was going on to the police officers and why they lock the windows with the key. The police end up siting them to go to the Jugendamt. Jugendamt is like child welfare. The father was outrage. He asked the daughter where is the cell phone she used to call the police. The daughter started to laugh and said, “you want it you look for it”. That is when he found out is daughter is pregnant. The mother was no longer mad at the daughter she was trying to calm down her husband. Which did not work. A couple of days later the boyfriend came through the windows which were no longer lock to visit his minor of a girlfriend, lol. She explained to him that she is pregnant. He was outrage because she was suppose to be on the pills. She explained she forgot to take the pills and he ofcourse said, “a pencil or glasses I can understand a person can forget but not taking ones pills”. This is when I crack up laughing. He held her aggressively and said, “I don’t want to be a father. I don’t want kids”. Than he left. The daughter cried to her parents and explained what had took place. The father blew up and reported the boyfriend of sleeping with a minor. Two civilian looking police officers went and arrested the boyfriend.

Fast forward the boyfriend stayed in jail for a certain amout of weeks. Came out and the girlfriend visit him at his mother’s to convince him to be a part of her and the baby life. He refused and kick her out. Later he had an official letter sent out to the girlfriend for her to pay him a settlement which is dealing something about the baby. I did not understand but she has to pay him a big amount. It ended with her having the baby. The daughter getting help from Jugendamt, and having her own apartment.

I think that is enough junk tv to talk for one day. This one took forever to write, lol. Wishing you all a great week!


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