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Come and Walk with Me

March 1, 2012

My goodness the weather have been really nice the last few weeks. We had 2-3 weeks of freezing winter in Esslingen but it quickly finish and started with some nice sun rays and warm weather. This year I am being more active than normal and doing so many things. My friend email me yesterday to asked me if I would like to go walking with her. Sadly, I had to turn down her offer because I had my eyes set on climbing the Burg (castle). She wanted to joined me but this was something I had to do by myself. When I push myself to do something I get “sometimes” cranky. I can’t have someone in my ears and try to listen what they are saying. I have to be focus. I explained it to her and she said okay than next time both of us will climb it together. Which is a deal!

This morning I got up with the hubby around 5:45am and got ready for my walk. Then I looked outside before I put on my shoes and said oh it is foggy out there. When I climb up to the Burg I plan to take pictures to document my way. I can wait. Stayed up and did some work around the house quietly encase anyone in the flat were sleeping. Went grocery shopping at the corner store first thing as soon as they opened. For my friend to tell me welcome back. It is a long story. I let you know why she have not seen me in a long time at the beginning of next year. She asked me if I am free to join her tomorrow for breakfast. I said sure, how can I say no to a free meal, lol. This is the friend that lives around the corner from me and always tell me that I don’t need an invitation to stop by for breakfast or lunch. I never went to her flat if she did not precisely invited me for a certain day. I felt weird going over someone house just for food and a chatting. My hubby told me that is normal here. I just feel weird about it, but when it comes to an invite and not a pop in I have no problem with it.

Okay so I left and came home with the grocery for tonight dinner which will be “Tuna Steak, with fennel, potato, salad, and home made mushroom sauce”. This will be my first time making a Tuna Steak. I seen it so many times on the cooking channel here that I must give it a try. Plus can’t be too bad. I love all type of fish as long as it is boneless. I prepared everything and place them in their own pots, except for the fish. Therefore, if I would of came home dead tired I don’t have to put in much effort to make the meal. It is pretty much prepare all ready just need to be cook. After setting up dinner I eaten my lunch. I have learned many times in the past not to leave home not eating a meal and forcing oneself to use the bathroom.

Left the house and started to take photos. Would you care to come walk with me…..

This is Esslingen Bio grocery store. There are about three here that I know of. All are in walking distance. This one is new from last year and one of my favorite because they have tons of stuff for a decent price and some vegetables that I can not find at the regular chain stores.

I decided to walk through the park to get to my destination. It is a bit longer but it was plenty of photo opportunities waiting for me here, lol. While I was walking I was thinking funny when I was a child pigeons flew away  from people once they came nearer.  Since my 20’s and up I have notice pigeons stop caring when people walk close by. I wonder seriously sometime what they are thinking.

I remember when I first saw this beautiful site called “Little Venice”. It was one day my neighbor and I went for a walk. I told her I explore Esslingen and I know pretty much ever single corner of it. When she bought me to this site my mouth dropped. There were two doves just floating in the water at that time. However not today. I am sure they were somewhere on the Neckar. I always see them when I go walking not too far away. Esslingen’s citizens named the view from the canal bridge to the historical inner bridge Klein Venedig, or “Little Venice”. Esslingen’s canal walls were reinforced during the industrial revolution, and the canals drive thirteen water wheels to this day.

Leaving “Little Venice” one must go through a passive way leading up through a tunnel. Over to the right you will find the former Pfleghof of the Speyer cathedral chapter, which is currently home to the oldest wine cellars for sparkling wine in Germany, Sektkellerei Kessler, established in 1826. To the left the twin towers at Stadtkirche St. Dionys (parish church of St. Dionys, sorry this is only a very small shot of the church. I have photo somewhere on the blog with the whole church photo) were built in 1275 (northern tower) and 1310 (southern tower), and later connected for structural reasons. Inside, the late-Romanesque pillars, rood screen, high altar, sacramental chapel and choir stalls are particularly worth seeing. The glass windows above the choir stalls are especially beautiful, amongst the finest in Europe (1280-1330).

As I left the market area of where Kessler Sekt and St. Dionys are located. I went through another tunnel of where my husband mention for me to go to get to the Burg side. After that I had no clue where to go. I stopped an elderly couple and they gave me two routes. One I can walk around or take the stairs and get exactly there. I looked up and said oh wow, that’s a lot of stairs. Today is truly a day of fitness. The elderly couple laugh and told me “macht gut” do well. I smile and said “crap” to myself. Might as well finish what I started. I climb the stairs and said not bad, but than reality hit as I continue looking up and could not see the top of the Burg. I started getting tired and my camera bag plus jacket felt like it was weighing a ton. I am glad I did not bring my book bag and water bottle.

Each break I took, I took a photo. The view was astonishing. I smile as I push my self up over 200 stairs!

Finally I could see the Burg tower and a door. I was half way there. I pace myself and looked behind to see the elderly couple was not too far behind me just smiling, waving, and  taking in the view.

I did it! I did it! I made it to the top of the Burg and walked down. Took a breather on the bench for a few minutes and time myself. It takes one hour to reach to the top of the Burg from my house and by driving a good 5-10 minutes. After my heart race had rest and I wiped off the pool of sweat from my face and neck. I stroll along the castle area to take pictures.

Esslinger Burg/Esslingen’s castle. Unlike other castles in Germany, this was never a noble residence, but served the city’s fortifications on its northern side. The castle was fortified with towers and walls between 1519 and 1531. The “dicker Turm”, or thick tower, that was given a roof in 1887 also originates from this period. The watchtower built on top of the city walls that can be reached from the city via steep steps. Outside Kino/movies are played here on the lawn each summer for only one week. The place always pack. It can be quite romantic just sitting on the grass picnicking while watching a movie new and old.

Before leaving the Burg I stop and smile. This is the spot that my hubby and I took a photo about 10 years or so. Looking back I always smile. I have been here before and forgotten about it until he took me back the first year we moved here in Esslingen.

As I was leaving I had two options to go…down or up. I chose up because I knew how to get home from there and did not know where down would take me. Plus I was getting tired and ready to go home. I told myself next time I climb the Burg again I will be nosy and see where down leads me. Because going up was walking a full circle going home. Which took me a good hour.

This is one of my favorite shot I took while leaving. It reminds me of a cover off an horror book and a scene.

Walking and walking, I saw that I pass my home and is actually walking further away from it. Then I seen this path and wonder if I walked down those stairs does it stop at the gait shown below or was it just a path for the people who live going down the hill. I walked enough stairs for today and continue walking the long way going home. I could of took the stairs from where I enter the Burg back down. But what fun would that be on a beautiful day like today and I have my camera with me. As I was walking home I pass a few bus stands and was almost tempted to take the bus home. But again why, when I just walked for a long time and done great. 20-30 more minutes should be doable. Thank goodness it was!

It was a good site for soar eyes to see Wolfstor “Wolf gate”, odest gate tower around 1220.  It is only a few blocks from my flat. The Wolfstor Gate Tower is from the late Staufer period is the oldest remaining gate tower of the city. It once protected the entrance from the Obertor suburb into the medieval town centre. The two crouching lions (You can not see it well from this photo. But it is in the lower section where the yellow marking is), excellent examples of late-Romanesque sculpture, informed visitors and attackers alike that the city was under the protection of the Swabian Dukes. The blue thing building on the lower part of the gate is awful. People was painting it today. They have been slowly building the blue thing since last year and I can’t wait for what ever the reason to be over with for the beauty of the tower to show. This link will show you better detail of the Wolfstor gate:
There are a few more places and monuments I pass today that has history, but I need to cut it short. It is time to make dinner and soak my feet. Today was truly a long day, but I love it and plan to hike up that Burg each week until it feels like it is no longer a challenge than move on to another hiking spot.

This photo will give you somewhat of a good retrospect of the Burg. To the left the slanted area is the stairs way shelter by a roof so that anyone can walk up and down when it is raining or snowing. To the right you see a brown path which is in the middle of the vine yard also leading up. I have read that this path is very uncomfortable to walk on because of the rough cobblestones.  I searched the net to see precisely how much stairs I climbed, which was  about three hundred steps to get up the hillside to the castle.

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  1. March 2, 2012 3:12 pm

    Hi Lora! I loved reading about, and seeing pics of your part of Germany. 🙂 My favorites are the last shots. They’re so atmospheric.

    I’d love to see more of Esslingen. Looks quite lovely.

    • March 2, 2012 4:10 pm

      Hi Tasha, thank you:) I love Esslingen a lot and we have been looking for houses here. It is a bit hard to find one that we agree it is worth investing in for life or the price is “say what!”. I was telling the hubby a few days ago wouldn’t it be sad to leave Esslingen one day and not totally enjoy all of it. We go to many different cities on the weekend and explore them but here we just live in it (well him, I am always exploring, but mostly alone since he is always working). We agree that starting this month we will start doing some things other than the restaurants in Esslingen. First thing we plan is the Kino Cafe. It look like a very small place with old movies. I like the atmosphere and would like to check it out before the months is over. He lived in Esslingen years ago before living in the State, so I don’t know what he really have done beside climbing the Burg many time himself, until he mention it. However I love some “togetherness” moment to build on memories.

      P.S. I plan to share bits and pieces of Esslingen in the future. It is really a small city but not tiny that has so much beauty around it. I can’t wait to check out Berlin! Our friend moved there last year and we promise them we will visit them this year as well surround ourselves with the history. You are very lucky and bless to live in Berlin. I love Esslingen but I love the history and multicultural of Berlin.

  2. March 2, 2012 6:31 pm

    Looks like you had a perfect day for your outing. What a lovely town, all the pics are so pretty. I know what you mean about sometimes liking to just go by yourself and not have to worry about someone else. LOL that sounds awful, but one friend who asked me to go ‘walking’ one day likes to stop frequently, and it’s more of a leisurely stroll than a heart-pumping walk, which is what I like. I walk pretty hard and fast, so when I’m in that mood it’s best to just go by myself.

    Climbing all those stairs must have been quite a workout! Good job! 🙂

    • March 2, 2012 9:00 pm

      Hi DD and thanks:) naw it not awful just honest, lol. Some people like strolling and others like you and I like a work out while walking (plus I am awful walking slow…feel like I am dragging myself around…except when I am shopping, lol) and now and then take a break and enjoy the sceneries. Your friend story made me smile though. She reminds me of an acquaintance and the hubby, lol.

      Oh my goodness those stairs were a killer. I had to sike myself each few stairs and pushed myself to stop taking so much breaks. My crazy butt plan to do it again next week and this time try a different path going down. I think a few more tries and trying all the different routes I should master those stairs, but I don’t plan to stop until I have. Plus the way I think about it is if the elderly couple could climb those stairs with a smile. I can too with tears, lol.

  3. March 6, 2012 3:53 am

    I definitely enjoyed our walk. I got to see places I’ve never seen before, architecture that is absolutely beautiful, and weather I wish I had right now lol. Yes, to say I liked my walk with you would be an understatement. I absolutely loved my walk.. thank you for the wonderful tips 🙂

  4. March 13, 2012 8:37 am

    thanks for the walk girly, wow, what beauty and brilliance this post has to offer, makes you feel alive. Wish I was there, well actually, for a moment I was 🙂

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