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Beauty is in the Eyes of the Beholder

February 24, 2012

Shallow Hal

I hate not blogging but it feels good getting out and doing some things that I always wanted to try, do, or just push myself. All is well on my side and in a short amount of time in the New Year a few things has already taking place. I share some of it with you all at the end of the year or perhaps beginning of the New Year. I enjoy being partially on the net for a couple of hours a day; therefore, I will blog once I have something worth sharing or my mind start to wonder all over the place that I just had to write it down on the net and save a tree.

Yesterday, I was resting and watching the movie Shallow Hal. This was my second time watching it. I love Qweneth Paltrow as an actress but Jack Black I like. Reason, is that in most of his movies he have to act over the top (over act) at times to be funny. It is not settle. I sat and watched Shallow Hal than started to remember what it was about. Instead of turning the channel I just lay on the sofa and relaxed enjoying each moment and analyzing the movie. I notice since I been getting older I tend to analyze movies more than normal.

I enjoy how Jack seen the inner beauty of someone who people would not think was beautiful. With his acceptance of inner beauty others was attracted to him. It is nice to see a confident person who, care about others regardless. When his friend from “Seinfeld” the actor “George” share with him his insecurity I had to smile. Not of the little tail waggling, but of how one person insecurity can have them to take a whole different look on another. I cried at the end even though I remember what was going to be said. Once Qweneth turn around and Jack said “my gosh you are beautiful”. He did not needed a psychiatrist to reshape his perception. He saw Qweneth for the way she really was. However that was not the part that made me sob. It was the part when he told her that he could not wait 14 months for her. That is too long. Instead he signed up for the Peace Corp to join her because he could not see himself being with out her. Now that is when I sob and said it is time to go  cook dinner, lol.

Reason for this post is to say beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. It is the inner beauty that will shine longer than the outer. Don’t let your insecurity reflects on others. Wishing you all a great weekend! Schones Wochenende!

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  1. February 25, 2012 5:32 am

    It would be nice if more ‘real’ people were shown in tv and movies, and we could all appreciate people’s inner beauty.

    Have a lovely weekend!

    • February 27, 2012 9:37 am

      Hi DD, I agree. I think they are working on it. I have seen many new faces in certain movies and notice they are changing some of the looks of what people find is beautiful…at least slightly. It is funny though. I notice the difference when I first visit here for the actors and actress they have here and in America. They have a lot of older actress and actor. They have many people who look ordinary like they could be your neighbor next door. I think the standard of beauty is different depending in the country one lives. I too wish the “standard” was like the girl or the guy next door, sadly people want to market what they think is beauty.

  2. February 26, 2012 10:27 am

    Lovely put, Lora. And I’m always happy to see a post from you. 🙂 Though I understand quite well the need to stay offline at times. Balance is definitely important in that regard.

    Schönen Tag noch!

    • February 27, 2012 9:54 am

      Hi Tasha, thanks! I have a love and hate relationship to FB. I spend a lot of time there just reading. Well I chat there too a lot but I read almost everything except for the ads. I am in so many groups of my interest. I think maybe it is the groups that keeping me on the net. I feel at times with the RSS feed bouncing the conversation back and forth I am going to miss something I could learn.

      I have been shaking the habit and limited my time on FB once more. Never thought a social group would of been so addicted Naja. Die Wetter gehts gut endlich. Ich bin ein bisschen mehr Deutsch lesen und sprechen. Ich hatte mein selber ich muss concentrate gesagt. Ich wohne in Deutschland fur zweite Jahre und meinen Deutsche ist noch Baby sprechen. Mein grammatic ist uber die Platze, aber es ist okay. Ich muss kein angst haben. Wann ich fehler machen achmann und probiern nochmal!

  3. February 28, 2012 4:21 am

    Oh, I sympathize! I’ve been here longer than you…and I still often feel that my German is at baby level. In relaxed situations I’m okay, but when I have to switch languages quickly my mind often turns to utter mush.

    Goodness, I make so many goofy mistakes. But hey, we’re trying, right? 🙂

  4. April 15, 2012 7:47 pm

    I have watched that movie too, but never delved deeper into it. Now that you mentioned about “inner beauty,” I definitely agree with you.

    I found this blogpost while searching for “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder,” for research because I was writing a blog post as well using that quote ( I’m 15, and you know how insecure us teens can get, right? There are times when I personally don’t believe in the “inner beauty” thing because the TV, magazines, etc. are showing us what is beautiful; shiny hair, lean legs, tan skin, and all that stuff. But at the end of the day, I realize I like myself the way I am.

    I totally agree with you when you said “It is the inner beauty that will shine longer than the outer.” ‘Cause I mean, a pretty face can easily be turned into a not so attractive one with a knock-out punch lol. Plus it will then get all wrinkly when they turn 80 — if they get up to that age that is… with all the chemicals and procedures done to the body.

    I really enjoyed reading this blog post. I hope you have an awesome day! 🙂

    • April 16, 2012 1:06 pm

      Nyla you have a great sense of humor and look at the world at a good angle. All through life we as individual have our own insecurity to deal with. Even the person who look well off has his/her own. People never know what goes behind close doors but what they see on the outer shell they want. Not knowing that person is going through their own hell. I call it the foreshadow of blings. It is so shiny and look so good on the outside by the time that bling bling get broken or a scratch is found the fault is shown.

      Ignore what you see in the media when it speak about beauty. That is the media perception to market and make a profit. I see photos and analyze as a good angle, nice hat, cute shoes, and etc. When I see the cost I think where could I get a knock off, lol.

      You made me laugh about the punch in the face, yeah end result is not so attractive at all, LOL. I enjoy reading your comment. It tickle me to pieces and for a 15 year old you are very wise. Continue loving, doing, and being you….now that is true beauty!

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