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A Person Frame of Mind

February 8, 2012

Update: Quoted from Mel “She’s been found alive and well, thanks everyone.”

Not to cause any confusion this post was written after I had trash the previous post. Explanation is below. Current news is that Cherise has been found and is doing well.  Her mother is on her way to pick her up from the Midlands. Below post is no longer current. Thank you everyone for helping. It shows that their is still good in humanity. I appreciate you all who believed, prayed, and did not give up hope. It has been a long day for many of us and more for Cherise and her family. I am happy that she will be home and safe in her family arms. Many thanks to you all!

Old post below before Cherise was found

I would like to thank everyone who have helped spread the word of helping finding Cherise. The post has been up all morning long to recently. No, she has not been found as yet. We all are waiting news of her safe arrival back home and I am praying it will be soon. I removed the blog post because one person asked me to and told me it is not blog etiquette. I could actually worsen the situation. Which was not my goal. My goal was the same as her mom, was to get people in the area help to direct her or the police to find her daughter and bring her home safely. In which she gave me permission to blog about. For the life of me I never can understand why a few people would think a mom will cry “Wolf” of her daughter disappearance. I pray those people never have to go through the same as Cherise parents or any other parents who had a child missing.

I than made a FB Page as suggested by one of the reader to post it on there instead of here. I posted it and Mel told me to please remove it and thanks everyone for trying to help. I am sure she has been bombarded with many emails as I have with comment and just tired mentally and physically.  For all those who had reposted and help we all sincerely from the bottom of our hearts thank you very much. This was not a hoax. A child is still missing! The parents are doing all they can to get back their child. If your a spirtual person please pray for the family to be united as a whole once more and that Cherise is safe. Once again thank you to all who have helped!

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