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Let’s Talk about Etiquette

November 11, 2011

If everyone had common courtesy, etiquette, respect, manners, and perhaps a conscious the world would revolve with less headache.

I can never understand for the life of me people who would come to your house for dinning no matter what time of the day and they bring nothing with them on their first invitation. Or they would text and ask, “do you want me to bring something with me” and when you say, “surprise me” they surprise you alright and bring nothing. That totally blow me away. I call that first and last time invitation. You see when you are invited to a person home the first time it is a nice gesture to bring a gift with you. Whether it may be a bottle of wine doesn’t matter if it is cheap, flowers, or a box of candy. Never show up with empty hands. Second invitation you  would ask the invitee if they would like for you to bring anything with you. After that you are no longer obligated to bring anything with you unless you feel like it or the person who invited you made a gesture for you to do so.

When a person who don’t know you at all met you just once in life call asking for money to borrow. I understand we all fall down in life sometime but wouldn’t they think it is tacky to ask a complete stranger for money and expect it the next day. I had to bust out laughing about that one and say “wow, really …….. wow”.

Talking and eating. I know when I am having a really good conversation I tend to talk with my mouth open but I am always covering my mouth. I have the fear something might come out plus the food looks better in the plate than my mouth, lol. But some people don’t cover their mouth when they talk they want to share what they are eating with everyone for some odd reason. Please if your a “see food talker” wait until you have  finish chewing or cover your mouth when talking. Same goes for cow grazers. What is up with people chewing gums like they are cow grazing grass. It’s not cute so stop it!

Cell phone talkers you all annoy me when you talk in public. I remember when cell phones use to be for emergency now it is use for boredom. Tell me why must a person feel the need to talk on a cell phone when they are with a person having a nice meal in a restaurant? If the person is boring you to death suck it up and call your friends about it when you get home. Not only in restaurants also in the grocery stores, in lines, in bank, hospital, and the places are endless. You see I don’t have a problem really of hearing your business when you talk loudly on the phone. It is like I am being entertain with out watching tv or reading a book. I can just stay in the area of where your voice is at the top of your lung as if your in a night club with loud music playing. I think my problem is that I don’t have any caramel popcorn and my flosser around to put up with your loud conversation. Well at least I know now what your doing Friday night. Hope you have fun.

“Fish for sale”. My mom use to say fish for sale and I knew exactly what it meant. It meant close my legs and sit up straight. I do not have a problem with females having their legs open when wearing jeans perhaps they are unable to cross their legs. But when your wearing a skirt or dress please cross your legs. If that feels uncomfortable cross your ankles and have one foot on top of the other. This still give you a comfortable feeling and your fish won’t be for sale.

Bloggers…I will never understand some bloggers who go to a person page and click on the like button as if they have not read anything to leave a comment to a person page. Is this their way of book marking the page for others to follow them. I think that is so tacky. The same goes for people who subscribe to a person blog for them to subscribe back but never leave a comment. Please don’t waste your time doing that on my little blog if your not sincere to actually reading all my b.s and grammatical errors:) Same goes for those people who leave a comment but never click the email notification encase someone/myself have a question to ask.

Walkers who think they own the street or the grocery lane back off woman coming your way with hips and she know how to use them. My first year living in Germany I walked in the street many days because the side walks are narrow and people when they see you coming they don’t move behind their friends or family members they keep the position forcing you to walk in the street. After living here for a year I told myself no more walking in the darn street keep your butt on the side walk. Now when people come my way it is like two bulls facing each other head on. Eventually one person have to move and it is no longer me! Same with grocery store people. Sometimes the stores can be so full but their is always some room behind a person or at least me. I don’t understand why people must squeeze themselves in front of me when there is tons of room behind me and worst they don’t say excuse me and there are German words for it. I tend to tell people to excuse themselves. Some actually do and some look at me like I am crazy.

If everyone had common courtesy, etiquette, respect, manners, and perhaps a conscious the world would revolve with less headache.

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  1. November 12, 2011 3:50 am

    Can I come to dinner if I “bring” my appetite ?

  2. November 12, 2011 6:27 am

    My pet peeve is people who can not say such simple courtesies as, “thank you”, “please”, “you’re welcome”, and “excuse me”.

    Politeness doesn’t cost you anything. And it goes a long way.

  3. November 12, 2011 6:41 am

    Oh, and I had to smile and shake my head at your observation of the people here who pay absolutely no mind to where or how they are walking. Nuts!

    Which brings me to another pet peeve: the bus folk who, just as you are about to step on the bus, push their way in front of you, and step on ahead. Like they can’t wait one second? I find it amusing that while Germans are stereotypically known to be so orderly…yet they have such a difficult time keeping in a simple, straight line!

    • November 14, 2011 9:56 am

      lol, I forgot about the bus people until you mention it. I have not rode the bus in a while so it was not freshly embedded in my head, lol. Isn’t it so funny though. They are always rushing and don’t care who they push or trip over to go on the bus and it shows also in their driving etiquette when on the rode in their own cars. As soon as the light changes green they expect you to hit the gas. Can’t wait a freaking 2 seconds. What I don’t understand is why must everything be in a rush. And I know about the standing in que your talking about. It all goes with the being in a hurry and being rude. Not saying all Germans are like this but a good majority. I had old people who even jump in front of me in store line because I believe to give people their space and not crowd up on them. If the old ladies was younger I let they know to get behind me or in line but why bother they will die soon let them have their little victory…yes I know bad to say.

  4. November 13, 2011 10:01 pm

    Whenever you visit someones home. regardless if its the first time being there, you always help out the host and bring something with you. That’s just showing the host “Thank you for inviting me, and since you did I want to help you out with this token of my appreciation”. When people show up and bring nothing, they’re only thinking of themselves. And you’re right, as the host, you have to decide if you even want to have people around you like that. And honestly, I can totally understand you’re blogging etiquette issues as well.

    • November 14, 2011 10:13 am

      Thanks Kay, I notice I only get this problem with a few Americans. Not all, but a few and I am like wow, this is not only a German tradition to bring something with you when you go to people houses for the first time. It is the same rule, as when you visit a person who have a baby. You take something for the mother or the child with you to say congrats. I just don’t get it and always must smh when I see stuff like this and hear of it. Wine cost any where from 2E, flowers start from 4E, and candy start from 2E. It is the thought that count and not the price of things.

      I have cut down my reading so much from selfish bloggers. Sometime it feel like Facebook. People want numbers. They want people to come to their blog and want to see a huge number of comments. But they don’t think about taking time out to read other people blogs who comments or subscribe to them. My saying is what good for the goose is good for the gander. If I have a small group of people who are sincere I am truly happy. If I am just blogging to myself I am happy as well. At least I can let out some steam, feeling, and share some what of my life as keeping a journal on my thoughts.

  5. November 21, 2011 5:39 pm

    I am so on line with you with the dining thing. If somebody doesn’t bring anything, you feel so not appreciated. And as you say, it just has to be a little thing, a 2€ wine does the deal perfectly!
    And about the blogging thing…I went on a three-month hiatus from blogging, so I just want to say that I looked forward coming back to your blog. Please don’t take this as a sign that I want numbers on my blog 😉 I love your entries about the differences between Americans and Germans and of course everything else. Would be interesting to hear your opinion on Austria 🙂 Now I don’t dare to hit the like button anymore …

    • November 21, 2011 11:55 pm

      Hi MMP, I like Austria. For the little time we were there it was very enjoyable. Plus after leaving Romania, Austria greeted me with a smile and a few friendly joke. I knew I was not in Germany as yet, but it was close enough for me that I was almost home again.

      About the blogging comment don’t worry it was not meant for you. It was meant for other people who have subscribe to my blog who always press like, but never read. People who post their post link to my page and have not read the blog or commented on at least one paragraph I have writing. People who blog almost daily who I take time to read their blogs but they don’t do the same. Pretty much selfish people who will talk forever with you in their blog but just press like or don’t swing by at all. Those people I have unsubscribed from a day after I wrote this venting post:) I knew you were busy or something was up. You are different you take the time out to read my bad grammar and comment when a post interest you. Also I can tell from how often you blog at your own. You are a good person and blogger in my book and welcome back!

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