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Blonde to Brunette

October 25, 2011

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I am sure in America right about now the salons are busy changing blondes to brunettes and I am not talking about natural hair color;) In Germany the women do not change their hair color so common to the season as many of the women in America. The ones who are blonde tend to keep their hair into a nice bright healthy shiny shade of blonde all year round. Unless they are ready for a change and the brunettes add a hint of red to their hair or keep it natural. Other ladies might be a bright red or orange color. Which are mostly the older ladies who like daring colors. It is just not common to see them change their hair color when the season change at all. I actually like that and understand why most German hair looks like the commercial. I use to think shiny blonde or brunette hair that look so glossy and healthy is made out of a few software programs after editing. Living here I seen women leaving from the beauty shops and giving them complement of how their hair look lovely.

Am I inferring that German have better made coloring product than America? No, because some American salon use European coloring and after care products. What I am trying to say is try not to change your hair color every time the season change. Who ever started that trend set a trend for unhealthy hair. Bleaching no matter how gently base it may be after applying over the hair strand multiple touch up it weaken the hair and eventually dries it out. Leaving your hair dull, dry, and sometime stringy. If your a person who change your hair for seasonal purpose please go to the salon at least once a week for deep conditioning treatment. If you do not have money for weekly visit to the beauty shop tomorrow I will post with instruction how to save money and deep condition your own hair at home.

If your a type of person who feel weird that the world is changing their hair color around you and you must too. Try a technique that is not so aggressive on your hair. Ask your stylist to add low light to your crown area of your head. 7 foils should be enough and ask if she/he can weave in thin low light. Weaving allow the hair color to blend nicely with your own natural hair color or the color in between the hair. If you don’t ask for weaving highlights some stylist if they don’t counsel with you might give you a stripy highlight and you will definitely be in the shop every month. With weaving  you would visit the salon every two to two and half months the least.

Another factor why it is not a great idea to color your hair so often “Hair Dye Allergy Suspected in Teen Death“. You “might” be allergic to “PPD” or sensitize yourself to it. PPD is in every hair coloring but the amount of it is greater in darker color formulas. A few lines are coming out with coloring product, more of a bio/nature line. They might not have PPD in them but still need to be tested before use by applying a patch of coloring behind the ear lobe. Matter at fact every stylist should always do a patch test behind the ear. But in the salon business only a handful of people do this.  The patch test should be done 24 hours before applying color. Stylist will all ask you to fill out a card and sign it and the responsibility is now off them because you signed and said you have no allergy and is ready to get your service done and over with.

Therefore, the next time you think of changing your hair for seasonal purpose or because you think you need to keep up with your friends with the never ending of colors. Remember what condition your hair will be left in and if you don’t give a rat about your hair than think about your life and the love ones who will miss you when your no longer around.

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  1. October 25, 2011 9:25 pm

    Yee-ikes! I can’t imagine changing my hair with the season! I work with a lady who changes her hair quite frequently, adding blond streaks, coloring over them, going lighter/darker. I guess I’m boring, I just have dark brown hair! 😉

    • October 26, 2011 10:26 am

      HI DD, please tell me that lady have short hair or her hair is above her shoulder. I have notice shorter hair people hair do not look so bad when they have tons of chemical service because the hair every month is constantly being cut. Your not boring at all:) Nothing wrong with dark brown hair. My hair is dark brown at the moment with tons of grey and old color that look like highlights, lol, from not coloring it for two years. Hubby would like for me to color my hair to cover the grey. I told him what for? I wear hair extension and wigs. He don’t barely see my hair unless I am taking off my wig or taking down my hair, lol.

  2. October 25, 2011 9:52 pm

    I know I don’t change my hair color at all because my hair would absolutely break off something bad. So I remember once, I wanted to see how I would look redish, I just bought a wig and loved it :). I don’t wear it but it is an inexpensive way to try something out and be a whole different person for a day.

    • October 26, 2011 10:28 am

      Hi Kay, oh no sorry to hear. Smart girl, that is the same thing that I tell my friends. Instead of coloring one hair or getting the funky color highlights try wigs and clip in hair extensions. They do the trick as well and it does not have to be a permanent commitment.

  3. October 27, 2011 6:02 pm

    I dyed my hair recently to get rid of the whites.. the dye ruined my hair, so I bought some “shine infuser” which further damaged it…. maybe next time, if there is ever one.. i will try Henna. Great post!

    • October 27, 2011 6:09 pm

      Hi Kim thanks and sorry about your hair, the best way to hide gray or white is to use a semipermeable color with 10developer. Clairol in the beauty shop not the grocery story sell the one that will deposit with 10 creme developer if you can get your hands on 5 creme developer that is the best! Leave it on 10 minutes longer than the box say. Because gray and white hair or resistant and take a bit longer to take. What ever you do stay away from Henna. Henna is unpredictable, stain your hair, and hard to lift.

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