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Fashion from Across the Globe

October 19, 2011

Brrr it is like getting so chilly in Germany. Last week or two weeks ago I felt four seasons in one week…no kidding. I had to look out the window each day to see what   people was wearing to pin point how the weather feel like instead of going on my balcony half dress with my facial mask on scaring the neighbors behind me.

I have visited many states, countries, and one island. I have seen so many daring, chick, over dress, under dress, wow, and please call the fashion police styles. I plan to write about the fashion around me and even be bold enough to photograph some people with their face blurry of course. This will push me not to hibernate so much this fall or winter and come out more. Plus I love fall and winter fashion. Some people really know how to put clothes and accessory together. I just wish my area had a real mall instead of shopping plazas. So that I could sit in an common area and photograph with my heart content. Oh well we will see what I can produce and what I can not there are always google images to get my interpretation across:)

So look forward for upcoming posts about fashionable maybe, what the heck was he/she thinking, yeah I dig that, bargain shopping tips, wear what flatter your body,  and accessorizing. Don’t forget the clothes do not make the person. If your hair and makeup is not right sorry but you’re not right. You don’t have to live in a beauty shop or wear a ton of makeup to look glamorous. I seen people wear a nice sleek ponytail and a little lip gloss and call it the day and they were popping (they looked nice). It all comes down to what you wear, what event or place your going, and what are you trying to say.

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  1. October 20, 2011 4:38 am

    One thing about Miami is that it is so multicultural there are no fashion rules.

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