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Hold on Tight

October 18, 2011

hold on tight
Shit happens. We all have shitty days and many times we are in situations in which we wish we can controlled but can not. Times like that it is great to have a great support team around you such as family, good friends, and a love ones such as a spouse/partner. I don’t give as much praise to my husband as I should, but if you know me well enough and read in between my writing and joking. You know I love my husband to death. Yes, he gets on my nerves as well as I get on his. Hey I married my twin in so many ways who balance me and pick me up when I fall. After he asked me if I seen the hole or wall, lol. But he picks me up and dust me off to make sure I am okay.

I love this man of mines. He make sure my happiness and comfort always come first. He gives me all my wants and my needs. That I have no needs and hardly no wants. He tries his best to make me happy and will give me the world if he could. But I don’t want the world I just want him. I want him to be happy as well and enjoy everyday of life. This is my life partner. In good and bad times he is there. He is always there when I need him the most. Funny thing I knew this of him when we first met 9 years ago. Many days he know something is wrong without me even saying a word. I love this man of mines and appreciate him for all that he had done and will do! He might be on business trips a lot but he makes times for me when it counts! When you have a good man or woman in your life and obstacles comes your way. Stay strong and firm together to handle the situation(s). In life we all need someone no matter how strong you might think you are. You need someone! Hold them tight and don’t let go!


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