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Dying on the Inside

August 17, 2011

You son of a bitch! Each year you hurt me and each year I say things will get better just look on the bright side and stop weighing myself with negative. But you still lure your ugly head around by taking away someone I love or by giving them your curse. Why can’t you be still and not develop into a carcinogen. Is it their fault they have ton of stress or their fault that their immune system is going to hell and can’t fight you. NO!

There are so many evil people out there who have killed and rape people and they live for a long time. But you insist on invading people who are full with stress, love, people who are giving, caring, helpful, and do so much good to and with people not asking for anything in return. YOU rather see them go in pain and tear up their life. How dare you…how dare you. I hate watching the effect you do to people and trying to tell them that everything will be alright. Will it be alright really? Watching them get sick from radiation. Watching them lose their beautiful crown of hair. Watching them lose weight and become so weak. Than watching their self esteem wither away after they have been disfigure and try to be the same person they use to be. You son of a bitch…I really hate you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

**sorry I am not allowing comments. I just need to vent and be by myself abit


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