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Like A G6

February 17, 2011

 Far East Movement - Like A G6
OMG! I so love this song. I love all type of music but techno, house music, and rave has been always on top of my list. I even got John hook on it, lol. The weather in Germany in my area has been feeling like spring since January. In the night ofcourse it is a bit cold but no snow and the day and afternoon is so warm for sweaters or thin jackets. Perfect weather to drive with over convertible top down. So last weekend we went shopping. In one of the store I scream out loud, “Oh my God, this is my song…I got to get this CD!” I have been looking for this song for the longest on the net and could not find it and now that I hear it playing I quickly walked over to the music area of the store and told them I would like that song. The guy laugh and found the cd for me. I went back to John cheesing, singing Like A G6, and doing my little happy dance in the store. One of my classmate saw me and everyday now she tease me with my G6 dance. No biggy I told her break it down, break it down, lol.

As soon as we left the store you know I had to pop in the cd. Man, you could feel the base. I was like yeah this is the stuff. The base was vibrating through my body. John said good system right. I was yeah, blast this bad boy. Of course it was not blasted but loud enough to enjoy. I had on my shade, the hood was down, and the music was up. I felt like I was back in the State! John and I singing, and rocking our heads, I am doing my little dance trying not to kill the shocks, lol. Man as soon as I get my driver license over here everyday will be Like A G6, lol.

If you are not understanding the song but love the beat, I can totally understand. Below is a video that break down the song a bit. Honestly even after the song is explain I still scratched my head like….okay…… Like A G6, lol

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