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Statements People had Said to Me in Germany

February 8, 2011

First I would like to say I hit another 1000 reader mark in two months (not accurate in less then 1.5 months…since the New Year), too cool! Thanks everyone out there!

I have been living in Germany for a little over a year now and I have talked to many interested strangers of all ages. However, a few of them left an imprint to always laugh about if not smile.

One day John and I went to Obi. It is like a Home Depot. A place to get material to build your house, paint, light fixtures, shelving, and etc. So as I was waiting in line a lady behind me ask for conversational purpose “Are you from Africa?” I said, “No I am from America but originally from Jamaica.” She went on how the people in Africa is so nice and have beautiful skin like me. I could past for an African. I look at her and smile an said thank you. What else could I have said? I did not get offended that she might had thought every black person, brown, or color person is African. That was her perspective on certain type of people.

I met two people leaving out the neighborhood grocery store. One was a lady with a very pretty little girl. She came up to me to introduce herself and to tell me she does hair. I couldn’t help myself but to bust out and laugh. My hair was hook up and her hair was scatter all over the place. I had compose myself and said I do hair too. If I had a card I would of gave it too her, lol. Call me and let a sister hook ya up:)

From that same store a guy ran out the door after me and asked if he could carried my bags. I had to smile and told him no thanks I could handle it plus my husband is waiting for me.
I thought that was very sweet of him. Back in Michigan I had a hand full of grocery and they just stand there asking for my digits. Don’t get me wrong their are some gentlemen in Michigan but not the one that tried to spit their game at me. Oh I so love the usage of slang sometime, lol.

Oh my goodness on the subjects of guys. I have four more short stories. One time it was my Kerwocke (clean outside and shovel snow) in the winter time. I was shoveling snow without gloves (first winter in Germany and my gloves was in one of the many boxes) listening and warming up my body dancing like an idiot to the music. A guy just stood there and watched me. I looked at him like okay you can walk..I made a path for the walkers to walk as I shovel. He did not walk so I continue to shovel and dance a little. Then he came up to me grabbed my hands gently, took off his gloves, said something to me, smile, and left. I thought how weird but sweet.

Another guy was a police officer. I “J” walked (crossed the street not at an intersection). A policeman came to me and I swore I was going to get a ticket or a warning for not crossing at the light. So he pulled out a little notepad or a piece a paper it been a while now. Asked me my name. “Oh you are an American. How long have you live here?” So I am answering all his questions like dam. John is going to be mad at me paying a ticket that did not needes to happen if I crossed the street properly. So his last question was “would you like to go for a cup of coffee”. I look at him smile and said, “Sorry, I am married and can not.” He gave me a ticket and said perhaps next time and left. I said to myself “what a bastard’ look at my ticket and it was his name and number with the words “Call Me”. LOL because that is what I did and threw the ticket away.

There is an elderly man who shop alot in the area that I shop at. I bump into him a lot. But he do not live in Esslingen because today he told me to go home with him in what ever city he lives in. Okay let me clear up and fast forward back to today. I first met the elderly man in C&A he let me go in front of him in line. The second time we met again was in C&A when I was there shopping with my friend and her son. He came up to me and shook my hand we talk a little. He told me that I surely love to shop. He always see me in the mall there. I laugh and said yes I do. Today I was going to the post office and you name it C&A the guy was across the street and crossed to greet me. He shook my hand massaging it. I had to bust out laughing and slowly took my hand away. He ask me if I was going shopping I said yes. He said forget about shopping go home with him. I busted out laughing again and told him sorry I need to go because my husband is waiting on me (a lie). He said okay must not make your man wait. Maybe next time. Then he said in English and Deutsch he love me. I bust out laughing and said “Oh yeah”, lol. I told him afterward “have a great day he just made my day, lol”.

freeloaderThis next guy who I am about to write about make my skin crawl. I am always bumping into him and he is always calling me sister. Many time I seen him I walk a longer way home. One day I was walking and listening to my music. I see a person jumping up and down waving their arms in the air. I am like my goodness I think that is so and so. I made a detour to go home and started to quickly walk. He was like a good block away when I made my detour. Tell me why he ran to catch up with me and scared me shitless that I had to scream. He asked me why have I not call him or return his phone calls. I told him John and I have been busy. But that was not the reason. It was because he is a free loader who is using the system for his own benefit. How do I know? We met him up for dinner and he did not pay for his meal. He look at us. I was like what the? Strike. Then he told us how to get over the system..another strike and more for the remaining of the night. I am like this is not the type of company or acquaintance we need. So every time I see him I take many detours to where I need to go. John thinks it is funny. I think it is annoying.

Yesterday I was at C&A and today again. The cashier came over to me and ask “is everything okay? You were here yesterday.” I told her yes, just shopping some more. Then she said are you new here I never seen you here. I had to smile and say no I am here like ever week. A older lady with short brown hair is normally here. Then she said okay that lady is on vacation. Fast forward……”Are you from America?” yes “What? How long have you been living here and what do you think about Germany?” We talked and talked. Then she said “I love black men. I think they are sexy.” I told her there are many here and in Stuttgart, but here I see more as student. So the next question was do you have some black friends to hook me up with? My response sorry they are all white and taken. But if I should have one that is nice I pass him your way. She is very pretty. I don’t think she will have trouble finding what she is looking for. I also think that she think John is black. It will be a surprise for her when she see us together when I introduce them one day, lol.

little boy in shopping cartThis story happen tonight with a cutey perhaps 4 or 5. He was sitting in a shopping cart by himself. I enter the isle and he said hello. I of course said hello back. Surprising to me this young gentleman wanted to have a conversation while he was eating on his pretzel. The first question he asked me was what language do I speak. When I told him English and a little Deutsch he asked me which one is easier. I laughed and told him English. He asked why English and not Deutsch. Deutsch is easy for him and English is hard. He know a little English. I told him continue practicing his English and it will become strong like his Deutsch. This little man told me the same with my Deutsch. I had to crack up. He was very intelligent. We were having a Deutsch conversation. He understood me and I him. His mother came and said okay stop bothering the lady. He said Tschus (is goodbye in Deutsch) and the mother told him to say “goodbye”. This was the highlight of my night!

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  1. February 9, 2011 7:32 pm

    My goodness, you’re like Helen of Troy with men throwing themselves at you! LOL 🙂 That cop was kind of obnoxious though, it annoys me when they use their position like that.

    • February 9, 2011 8:39 pm

      lol, the fish that I wanted I caught. The rest can stay in the ocean.
      I so agree what you said about the cop. He really made me nervous. I think in Canada people get tickets J walking and I know John always tells me to cross where the light is or the scanner bar lines. So the day that I did not listen a cop came and bother me. You know what, I no longer J walk, lol.

  2. February 10, 2011 6:57 pm

    So cute! But little kids are the best flirts!

    • February 10, 2011 8:09 pm

      Yes, they are:) John and I had a conversation about him that night. How interested it was that is first question was what language do I speak. No adult or child ever ask me that for a first question. I was telling John I think he saw that I was different from him because of my skin color. So right off he knew I must be different from somewhere. It just interest me how his mind was processing that night. He totally blew me away to be so young.

  3. February 13, 2011 3:28 am

    Man, I never understand how some men think that marriage means nothing. Even though you told him you were married, he didn’t care. That is the kind of scum that I try to avoid. I can’t stand men like that, they think the rules don’t apply to them. All that matters is their own pleasure. grrr. And that little boy. Love the little ones. they are so precious. did you just want to stick him in your pocket? You may have to get a bodyguard to keep all these guys away!

    • February 13, 2011 9:21 pm

      Totally agree with you. It crawl my skin too but make me laugh because this chicky is not going on their list of the easy getters. The little boy was so my highlight of my night. I wonder one day when I have a child will my child be intelligent and inquisitive like this child. As I mention to Expressmom, he saw I was different than he is and instead of staring at me like any other little children he question me. I know his mother is Deutsch but I wonder what is the father.

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