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Edward Maya and Vika Jigulina

February 4, 2011

Edward Maya
Eduard Marian Ilie, born June 29, 1986, in Bucharest is better known as Edward Maya. He is a producer, songwriter, performer, musician and DJ. He graduated the music school “George Enescu High School” in Bucharest and is currently in his final year at the Conservatory.

He started his career by collaborating with almost every famous producer in Bucharest, but it actually took off when he signed on to produce AKCENT’s album “No Tears” which included hits like “Stay with Me”, “That’s My Name” and “Lover’s Cry”.

His next project was a collaboration between composer Eldar Mansurov from Azerbaijan and the Russian DJ Vika Jigulina, the two people that helped him create the smash hit “Stereo Love”. Stereo Love it is the only Romanian song that has more than 70 million views on Youtube in less than 8 months. It is important to mention that “Stereo Love” also made it to Billboard top five, as a result of the tremendous number of shows Edward Maya had in countries where Romanian music was still unknown like Brazil, Senegal, Dubai, Albania and other countries.

Vika Jigulina
Vika Jigulina real name is Victoria Corneva. She was as born in Siberia but grew up in Moscow. She graduated in the “Rahmaninov”, high school of music. In 2000, she moved to Romania to attend the University in Timisoara. In her free time, she was mixing in Discoland. Vika Jigulina is a music producer, a DJ, and singer. Stereo Love made Vika Jigulina famous and worldwide known. Stereo Love with Edward Maya is actually her highest level in her career.

Stereo Love – Edward Maya and Vika Jigulina

You might have to view the video on youtube

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