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Your Junk is my Pleasure

January 27, 2011

Ah (sighing with a smile). I love second hand stores. Correction good second hand stores not junk stores. My little friend introduced me to a second hand store last year in the spring since then I have been going there once a month to see what they have and to watch things being auction off. For me it is entertaining and quite funny just watching face and body expressions.

A few days ago I wrote about my 4 cookbooks finding in the same second hand store in excellent condition totaling price 9Euro and 50 cent. When I was there I saw a few other things I was interested in but I trained myself not to walk with more than a certain amount of money in my pockets. I must admit that I have buying problem not shopping problem. Let me explain. Each year or ever few months I find something to entertain my self. Last year I fell in love with creating my own recipes and a over 15 years ago I became trigger happy with a camera. Then became worst when John bought me a semi professional camera since he had a professional for us to use already. Mines is more for fun and easier to carry around. Not so big and heavy.

I only buy things in the theme of my interest. Yes, I am a little strange but it is just me. A few days ago I seen a food processor for 15E but was not for sure if they were selling each pieces for that price since stickers was on everything. I also saw a few glasses that you can drink or eat out of which to me is absolutely rear and beautiful. I was standing in that store for almost a hour just thinking what can I place in these glass and how will it look. Last but not lease I saw a miniature wine vase that has a top to it. I plan to make my own snaps and place it in it for when guest come over for dinner. This morning I told myself if the food processor is still their and it is only for 15 Euro I will buy it and the glasses. If not this just mean it is not for me to buy anything. So what do you think happen?

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