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Watching What You Eat

January 20, 2011

Alright so many of you know that my meals have been looking slightly different and it contain more fish, vegetables, and fruits….plus it has the calories content on most of my dishes. To answer everyone question no I am not on a diet. I am just being more conscious of what I eat and what I am feeding my husband. We are team Lora, we win and lose together in everything.

When I started cooking I stop being conscious and was over excited into my creations and successes of what I made. We was not looking at the serving size only what was use for cooking. In the state we always look at what we ate, the portion, and the calories. After we were settle and I started to explore the world of cooking that good behavior was put to the side also our weekly weigh in sadly was too. In the beginning of the New Year we look at each other and say, “I guess we need to see where we are at.” We both look at each other and said, “you go first no you go first” like big children. I think I end up going first and my mouth dropped. I know that I gained but I did not know so much. A few weeks ago I was fighting with my Lane Bryant stretch jeans and my one pack was now a two pack. One belly over the jean and one under. Not cute at all in spandex tops, lol. Then my husband weigh his self. The first thing he said was, “So when you want to start the diet?” I told him we don’t diet we will start to watch again what we eat and just eat half. It always work for losing weight with us. It kills me when I see people putting them self on special diet that only last a few days that they would never keep up with. Stop dieting people change your lifestyle of eating and doing things.

At first we were planning to go to a diet doctor who would help us kick start our metabolism. Then we said let see if we can do it on our own again. The doctor website mention only certain meals can be eating at certain time and sorry that don’t work for us. We like food and like to eat what we want. We can not live on restriction. Restrictions sucks! Hubby has lost in 2 weeks 10lbs and I have lost 12lbs. We are not exercising because we don’t have time or better yet have not find time to squeeze it into our schedule as yet but will next week once Zumba class begin! I made out a work out schedule for us to fit around Zumba class.

So does this mean that we will stop going out with friends and my little dinner parties are over. No way! When we go out with friends we will still be a bit conscious but we have one day out the week just to pig out and enjoy guilt free. The day we become one of those couple who tell each other what they should not eat just strike me dead in that restaurant. I think that is a bit embarrassing. Let that person eat what they want or plan your meal before going to a restaurant. Going out is to enjoy because it is not a every day thing. My dinner parties are already calculated. I keep a record of my meals of how much calories they are. I will cook my three course meals for my guest, but have a certain calorie amount limit. On vacations the calorie counting rule is out the window. Vacation is for fun! We walk a lot to explore the city,and always have a couple bottles of water and fruits with us. Pretty much what we eat burn back out.

So I say, “Cheers to good eating!”

If interested to join the group and your a person who like to share your recipe with others this is the link to my little group What Sha Cooking Only accepting people who like to share so that the group continue being active with communication and postings;)
What Sha Cooking

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  1. January 21, 2011 12:37 am

    Good for you! That’s the only way to approach it, not as a ‘diet’ that you go on, then off, it’s a whole lifestyle. It’s the only way to make lasting changes.

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