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Culcha Candela

December 10, 2010

Culcha Candela is a musical mix of hip-hop, reggae, and Latin rhythms. Formed in Berlin in 2003, the group reflects diversity, with singers Larsito, Don Cali, and Lafrotino hailing from Columbia; singer Johnny Strand from Uganda; singer Itchyban from Poland; singer Mr. Reedoo from Germany; and DJ Chino con Estilo from Korea. Culcha Candela’s music reflects all of this, with lyrics sung in German, English, and Spanish spun over Jamaican and Latin rhythms, all done with a distinct hip-hop.

I love this group because of the diversity. Diversity within the group enable creativity, new sounds, a mixture of language and beat to intertwine. The two videos I would like to share with you are my top favorite. They have more on youtube and across the net if your interested to hear more from Culcha Candela. Also their new album was released in Germany December 3, 2010.

Most of their videos are made in Berlin. I can’t wait to next year to visit my friends who live there. Who knows perhaps I bump into Culcha Candela, lol, and be a crazy paparazzi.

Sorry the link below is the only place I can find the video that work for me over here. Not everything I can watch if it is under an American contract like Sony/UMG even if it is artist from Europe. Silly right! Please give it a minute for the advertisement to be over with for the video to start.

Culcha Candela Move It

Below is another song I like from Culcha Candela “Monsta”

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