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Your Officially Fat if you go to Germany or the UK

December 9, 2010

Are you thinking to travel to Germany or to the UK and love to shop? Are you the type of person who is always self conscious about your weight? Well let me save you the trouble, frustration, and the confusion now when you go shopping; and what you try on do not fit you like it should. The UK size is much smaller than the American and German conversion by two sizes smaller and other store four size smaller. Talking about size an American Large is a German XL. So if you ever visit Germany and think about buying clothes buy clothes that are one size bigger than you normally wear and it will be the correct fit! So don’t freak out. Many countries have different ideas when it comes to “fat”.

I think I found something for Christmas and perhaps the New Year! Now I just have to wait to receive it in the mail to make sure it fit.

I am so looking for Christmas and the New Year! I am making a nice wig and plan to go to the spa next week to get pamper and a tune up, lol. My husband, John, make me laugh when he talk about a women getting beautify as a maintenance like maintaining a car. So now I have a habit to say I need a tune up, lol. I need my nails, and foot to get work on (buff, polish with a nice primer, and coat of paint), perhaps a nice facial while I am at it…who knows:)

As I was searching on line for my Christmas and New Year attires I found this funny straight forward motivational video by Joy Nash called “Fat Rant”. If you want a good laugh or feel down about your weight check this video below. She has more videos on youtube which crack me up!

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  1. December 11, 2010 1:15 am

    I am having SUCH a FAT day/week and I attribute it to nerves and anxiety so I guess I better watch the video!!

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