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Why would I ever Want to Move

December 9, 2010

This bird and many more always out side my kitchen window

This is my view always outside my kitchen window. Everyday except the winter time.

Why would I ever want to move? I love Germany more so ever I love Esslingen. Every day when I step out of my flat I get a nice calm feeling of serenity. My neighbors say hello and hold a short conversation due to language barrier or either one of us are in a hurry to get to be where we should be. The people here is so helpful and friendly. If a stranger see you often he or she would stop you and say something like, “You must live in the area or work nearby. I see you all the time here.” and start a conversation. Same with the people who work in the grocery stores, dentist office, and gyno office. They would tap me or my husband on the shoulder just to say hello. Esslingen Saturday Market
The Saturday market is so much fun. I sample so much fruits, have small conversation with the sellers, the seller explaining to me the products they have if I find it to be unusual. People remember your name and when they do not they remember what you typically buy at the market, store, and little restaurant. For example I have two Donner places I typically go to eat only if I am in the area. Why not go somewhere else…only because these two places know exactly what I like and how I like it without me opening my mouth. Both places I keep conversation with and joke around with. One place in particular I am compassionate with. It was my first Donner shop when John and I move here. Donners for one whole month was our dinner and sometime lunch. We had no refrigerator, stove, heck we were living in a hotel until we could find something call home. When I first came here, I only knew a few sentences in Deutsch. Everyday when I went to the Donner shop the guy who is part owner taught me a new word. Each day I build sentences with the words he taught me. He had so much patience with me and was helpful. How many people would spend their time trying to teach a person the language for free? Not many. I really need to go visit him. It has been a while since I last stop in to chat and say hello.
A festival, Onion, Strawberry fest

A festival with eating and celebration is always going on!

Always a Musician around

Always a Musician around

Not only the people are nice but it is the feeling as if your in a fairytale. I am being so serious. When you walk in the stadtmitte (city center) there is always something going on. Like the Weihnachtmkt (Christmas Market), two times out the year a few blocks of Flohmarket vendors (used books, clothes, and etc), Strawberry, Onion, and Wine fest. I always see someone playing the violin, a keyboard, or one of those musical instruments that you pull in and out to make music. A person with donkeys for children to ride on, demonstrators, the kehrwocke woman making her speech of complaint and jokes. There is always something going on.

Medievel section of the Christmas Market

Medievel section of the Christmas Market

Donkey Ride next to Starbuck

A man offering pony rides next to Starbuck

Starbuck 15 minutes walk from my Flat

Starbuck 15 minutes walk from my Flat


My Flat

Before I came here people told me how much I would not like Germany and demand to go back to America. It was not like that with me. We pick a very good place in which I love. I am happy in my home even though it could use some gold curtains for privacy, but I can live with out. I have great neighbors who some also became my friends. I live in walking distance of stores, festivals, and the train station. I live driving distance 5 minute from a beautiful castle and perhaps 30 minutes walking distance. Everyday is a new experience and a day to explore. Germany is my home for life and I hope Esslingen will be too so why would I want to move?
Rose and Garden

My little Balcony with Roses and Vegetables

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  1. December 9, 2010 11:18 pm

    That looks so beautiful! Looks like you found yourself a beautiful place to live! I am almost jealous!

  2. December 10, 2010 4:55 am

    That’s wonderful that you found a place to put down roots. I think part of what makes it so wonderful for you is your sweet, outgoing personality has charmed your neighbors!

  3. Lorena permalink
    December 10, 2010 8:17 pm

    What a gorgeous pic of your balcony!!
    This makes me miss Europe so much! *sigh


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