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Dan Balan

December 3, 2010

Dan Balan was born in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova on February 6,1979. His mother was a tv host of “Tanti Ludmilla Show” and father an Ambassador of Tel Aviv.

September 1999 Dan formed the first boy band in Moldova “O-Zone”, composed of two singers: Dan Balan and Petru Jelihovschi (who was the lead singer from the band “Inferialis”. In spring 2001 Dan decided to go to another level and chose the Romanian market. However his partner Petru was not so interested about Dan´s big plans, he thought of his performance in the band more as a hobby. So Dan and Petru split up but remained friends.

At the moment Dan is working on several projects at a time. As his alter ego Crazy Loop, he has released two singles “Crazy-Loop (ma-ma)” and “Joanna Shut Up”. The music released as Crazy Loop is dance music for the whole family.As Dan he released a Romanian ballad called “Despre Tine Cant” and a catchy dance song called “Chica Bomb”. For this last song he worked with the director Hype Williams.

I have listen to many of Dan Balan’s songs. Some are actually good and not all rock, techno, and fast pace. He have a few nice slow/love songs worth checking out.

Today I would like to share with you one of my favorite from Dan Balan. If your underage or do not accept the human body as a beautiful piece of art…I am asking you please not to watch the video.

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