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Urrg Kehrwoche it is about that Time Again

November 29, 2010

Urgg Kehrwoche! It is about that time again. Kehrwoche is basically cleaning the outside of the property where you live, taking out trash, sweeping, raking leaves, and shoveling snow for only one week each monthly cycle depending on how many renters live in the unit/building. The inside of your apartment building is clean normally weekly by everyone but they/we only need to concentrate on the certain area leading up and to our flat. That is our responsibility.

Now Kehrwoche is cleaning the whole outside of the property to the beginning to the ending of the property front and back. It depend on how many renters live in your unit. For example there are total of 7 renters who live in this unit. Therefore, on the 7th week is John and my turns to clean the outside of the property and take out the trash, bio, and paper containers. I honesty don’t mind Kehrwoche and taking out the garbage and rolling the bins back in whether it is my week or not. It really is not a biggy.

I hate Kehrwoche only in the winter time because of the snow. Sometimes it feels like the snow will not stop falling. Last year John and I shovel 3/4 time in a day. We laid salt down but it did not help much. I think the salt is weak here or something. And this was not just one day that we had to reshovel this was a few days back to back in the week. It is very important to keep the snow off the ground during your week. If a person should fall and hurt themselves who ever week of Kehrwoche it is can get sue. It is in the contract that you are responsible for your week of cleaning…not the owner. So the rule here in Esslingen Germany (I don’t know where else) is that the snow should be remove from the property before 9am.

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  1. November 29, 2010 6:10 pm

    Wow, that so would not work here in the US! What if one of the tenants is physically incapable of doing the work? Do they hire someone to do it for them?

    • November 29, 2010 7:45 pm

      It is up to the tenant to find help. The owners make it clear in the contract that person is responsible if anything happen not them. I think this is very smart because less problem they, the owners, have to deal with. Now I can say when it is really bad or need cutting of the bushes and so on since there is no grass around here except a patch in the front of the flat…the owner hire a person for that maintenance.
      But for people who end up being sick or are unable to do kehrwocke….if the other neighbors do not chip in to help they must hire someone.
      This is why everyone must read their contract thoroughly because not everyone give their tenants the kehrwocke duty.

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