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November 19, 2010

Madcon (short for Mad Conspiracy), made up of Tshawe Baqwa (Kapricon) and Yosef Wolde-Mariam (Critical), is a Norwegian hip hop/rap band. Kapricon was born in Germany from South-African parents, but grew up in Tveita in Eastern Oslo. Critical was born in Norway with parents from Ethiopia and Eritrea.

2008 brought the smash hit “Beggin” that earned the group several #1 chart positions in Europe (including France, Portugal, Norway, Russia and many more), and an overall #2 position on the European Billboard Hot 100 chart. Madcon has won a World Music Award, sold millions of singles and compilations, they have performed and toured all over Europe.

In 2009, the band has continued with album releases all over Europe, and their debut release in the US and Australia.

I would like to share with you one of my favorite called “Madcon ft. Ameerah-Freaky like me”.

Their new release with this song comes out December 3, 2010 in Germany.

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