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I Walked with the Devil

November 18, 2010

Today has been such a funny day. I went in class today and received hugs and kisses. Last week I over did it with eating some yummy prunes. Yes prunes, half a container full! I love prunes and can eat them all day if my stomach allows me to. So I miss Wednesday and Thursday. Monday I decided not to go since Tuesday was a Muslim holiday and class was canceled.
As soon as I step in everyone was asking where have I been. Did I went out of town .. was I sick? I told them the reason why. They all ask if I am okay. A few people told me no more prune for me, lol. One person told me please don’t miss any more class. Class is not the same. I guess I am like one of the little joker of the class who give a good laugh now and then.

One of the student that I sit next to was telling me Monday we have a new student and the teacher was trying to give her my seat. He and the class said oh no that is Lora’s seat, lol. I had to bust out laughing when he told me. They all know how I am about my seat. I had to tell him thanks for looking out for me, lol. So today I introduce myself to the new female. Her name was very pretty and she came from Romania. Has been living in Germany for 4 years and learning Deutsch for 4. Her Deutsch is premier. The only thing I notice is that she don’t understand the rule of the grammatic. But to me that is quite normal. How many American know the rules of everything they speak and why. We just talk, right?

So break time came and I was jotting down the notes in which I miss from another classmate. Amy came over to me and said you did not say hello to me. How are you? Where have you been and etc? I was going to come to your home but I did not know if you were in town or just sick. I told myself if she would of came to my home I would not answer anyway because I don’t answer the bell if I am not expecting someone. Many times UPS, FedEx, or DHL ring my bell if the receiver is not home and I am responsible for whomever package. I hate to responsible for something that does not belong to me and to wait around for that person to get home.

So Amy spoke to me on and on and grabbed my hand and place it on her cheek. I was like girl don’t do that I might have a reflex. But ofcourse I said that to myself. My classmate told her you are doing it wrong. Place your head on Lora shoulder. Lora is so nice and warm, lol. I said please don’t. Eventually I could not take it any longer being civilize. I told her I need to take these notes and give it back to Elaina.

Tell me when it was time to go home she asked me if I was walking home. I told her no I plan to take the bus. She ask why and I explained to her that it is very dark and cold outside. My husband told me to catch the bus home instead of walking. She said that she will walk with me. I told her I don’t know. I rather take the bus and be home in two minutes than walk and be home in 15 minutes. She bug me and bug me until I said okay. We walked and talked in Deutsch. We even share a few laughs. Will this be an everyday thing.. nope. Tomorrow is the last school day out of the week. If she ask then I walk home but next week I will go back to my norm and catch the bus!

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  1. November 18, 2010 5:31 am

    Sounds like your classmate needs a friend, but that’s kind of pushy. I’d be a little wary, too. How sweet that everyone missed you so much!

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