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Make your own Krauter Cheese Spread

November 16, 2010

Last week I wrote about how I made Krauter Cheese Spread on accident! A very nice surprise when I was making a Pepper quiche.

You can make this spread thick or thin base on your needs. Make it thick and have a nice cream toast, stuff in chicken, manicotti, or sea shell pasta. Add a half cup of water to the ingredients for a cheesy homemade salad dressing or pasta sauce. Today I made a Turkey Burger Sandwich with a side of Salad. Half of the sandwich is for lunch and the other half for dinner. Both Salad and Sandwich have Krauter Cheese Spread:) It was so yummy I had to share it with my husband. He ofcourse like it and thought it was store bought! This is a Cheese Spread indeed to try to make.

1tsp Salt
2tsp Lemon
150g Crème fraîche
1tsp Paprikapulver
½ Bund Chives
250g Gouda
1tsp White Pepper

Rinse and chop up chives. Place all the ingredients into a blender on high for 5 minutes until mixture is nice and smooth.

Salad with Krauter Cheese Sauce

If interested to join the group and your a person who like to ‘share’ your photo recipe with others this is the link to my little group What Sha Cooking Only accepting people who like to share so that the group continue being active with communication and postings;)
What Sha Cooking
Turkey Burger with Krauter Cheese Sauce

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  1. unabridgedgirl permalink
    November 17, 2010 12:55 am

    Girl, with as much as you cook and such, you ought to open your own place. I bet it would be yummy!

    • November 17, 2010 9:46 am

      Aw thank you, but naw, lol. This is fun for me to explore and experiment making new things and creating. I feel if it turn into a demand I will lose interest and feel burnt out:( A few people and dinner guests have told me the exact words you have said but I am awful handling stress. Plus you should see me getting ready for dinner guests I am all scatter over the place. Even if I have everything organize and line up to cook. My problem is too keep them all warm until it is time to serve. Right now holding things in the oven on low is working, lol.

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