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Fair Trade

November 4, 2010

My goodness today is a beautiful day in Esslingen Germany. It is 18 Celsius = 64 Fahrenheit. I have been sick for almost 4 weeks now but not as bad as week 2. All that is left is a persistence dry cough. Next week I am thinking to go to my house doctor just to make sure it has not blown into anything. You might be asking or saying to yourself “house doctor?”. House doctor in Germany is the main doctor that refer you to other doctors who can help you with specific problems. She/he do the basic check up. She/he can also come to your home if you can not come out. Just like on tv when you see doctors with those big black medical bags with their equipments. It is in reality here.

My Monsterious Avant-garde Flower DecorationsThis morning I went out for my 1 hour walk only because I have a mission to be somewhere or I would of just rest under my blanket with my humidifier on. The weather was absolutely superb. Some people had on sweaters, others t shirt, and people like me who know this is pneumonia weather had on their winter coat. All this week I was dredging to go to one of my doctor office to get some free medicines. Long story I will make it short. I bumped into one of the receptionist at the Saturday market last weekend. I stop her and said, “Hey I know you!” in Deutsch. We both confirm we knew each other and talked a bit. Then she told my husband and I the flowers we just bought came from her and her husband garden. I was like how cool! They are absolutely beautiful! We talk a bit and she ask me what medications am I on right now. I did not know it all by heart so I told her what each one was for and she knew the names of them. She said, “Those are some expensive medicine you are on!” Both my husband and I agree. Every two months the medicines alone cost almost 800 euros. Thank goodness the insurance pay half. So she let us know that she has some medicines in the office that she would love to give to me. I told her that I don’t want to get her in trouble for giving me prescriptions. She explained it is alright when people don’t need them anymore they donate/give it to the office for them to give to someone else. I was like cool. So all week long since Saturday I was pondering do she want money for these medicine. She mention that it was free but do I need to atleast take with me half of what I would of paid at the pharmacy? Today I saw her and she gave me the medicines and I told her thanks. We talked for a bit and she did not mention money. Then she said, you speak English. I said yes, she said this is good. Then her collegian came up to me and said perhaps they should come to my house and I can teach them English. I said why not. I am free Friday afternoons. Then the young lady said I was only joking with you and the other one said I was not, lol. Would you really teach us English. I said why not. One of my neighbors every Friday morning help me with my Deutsch and grammar. I am free in the afternoon and evening when ready just give me a called. They said okay perhaps next week. I left out with a smile. I did not pay for my medicines, but I will do a fair trade and help them with their English a bit has I am sure in the process they will correct me on my Deutsch which is good because I like to be corrected when I say something wrong. It only make me better in the language if someone correct me.

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  1. unabridgedgirl permalink
    November 5, 2010 7:03 am

    Boo for being sick! Keep getting better, m’friend. Pretty flowers, too. 🙂

    • November 5, 2010 10:07 pm

      Thank you, I give myself this week. If not better soon I will take my butt to the house doctor and get check!

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