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October 9, 2010

I am typically a person who is open to try new things and eat different type of food as long as it is not a snake, alligator, cat, dog, or too out of the ordinary. Since I been living in Germany for 1 year now I been playing around with my taste palates.
Lilikoi FruitThis week I tried a fruit call Lilikoi. It has a shell that remind me of an egg. An egg that is easy to crack when you apply pressure to it. Inside the skin is soft and look like how inside of an orange peel looks like. Once you break through that seal you find a lot of seeds intertwine in a tasty jelly blob.
Inside Lilikoi FruitThe taste is not sour or sweet it is hard to explain it. I guess it is a hintness of sweetness. However this fruit is so hard to eat. There are so much seeds! That you end of taking a mouth full of seeds and it tasty jelly blob into your mouth. Sucking on the seeds trying to get all the jelly off. This fruit might taste nice but it is not enjoyable. It takes too much effort just to try to get the taste of the jelly around the seed. Will I ever buy this again. Nope! I tried it once, I know how it taste and look, I took a picture…now I can move on and explore the next fruit:)

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