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It’s Alive

October 6, 2010

Today as I went on my balcony to water my plants I saw peppers finally popping out, better yet say trying to burst out. If you have seen the scary/horror movie cocoon seeing my bell pepper plant sprouting reminds me of exactly that. It is amazing of how bell peppers actually grow. I use to thought they grew out of the ground or something not from a flower.
I will be so happy to atleast have one before winter comes. Every single plants I tried to grow this year died off because I was on vacation for weeks without watering them and some I was just greedy and plant them to close. The only two plants that are slowly growing for me and want to feed me, lol, are the Bell Pepper Plant and the Porre plant (In America Porre are call Leek).
Bell Pepper Plant - Grow Baby Grow

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