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Orange You a Nut

October 5, 2010

I have a small cooking group on FaceBook name “What Sha Cooking “. It is not only about cooking but also how to make drinks, desserts, baking, and talking about the realms of cooking with each other. Each month I make the group fun by giving a theme. This month the theme is “The Color Orange” A few of us have participated already. So far the creativity that I see is utterly beautiful.
My theme name for this month is “Orange You a Nut”.
What Sha Cooking - Orange You a Nut
‘Orange You a Nut’
Home made Orange Ice cream sitting on top of a home made Wafer. Surrounded with Orange slices and Walnuts drape with a little slice nuts. Sitting next to a slice of Dr. Oetker Käse-Sahne Torte that my hubby taught me how to make:)


Home made Orange Ice Cream

Brown Sugar and 2 Blender Orange was added to make the same amount ice cream as seen in the video.

Dr. Oetker Käse-Sahne Torte (In English it say Cheese Cake but it is not because no form of cheese was used for the filling)

If interested to join the group and your a person who like to share your recipe with others this is the link to my little group What Sha Cooking Only accepting people who like to share so that the group continue being active with communication and postings;)
What Sha Cooking

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