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Your Never Alone

October 4, 2010
Never Alone

Today I had one of the worst news in my life. I was feeling so down that I was not in the mood to go to class but I decided to go. Moping at home would of done me no good so just go to class and learn something. Went to class; it was so boring and not interested. I could of really miss today. What was being taught I knew and understood. Class was finally over. I walked back home listening to my songs which are fast dance pace slowly crying because of the bad news.
Never AloneI was feeling so bad that I did not wanted to be bother.

Today a friend offline me a message to let me know her cancer is back out of remission. She is feeling pain and need to call the doctor tomorrow. How she is afraid to call because she know already what they will tell her. She needed to talk because she could not sleep.

It was funny but not in a ha ha way we were both feeling shit out of luck and needed someone to talk to. I don’t feel better because my friend problem is worst than mines (my heart really goes out to her and many people who are suffering from any illness and cancer), but our conversation soften my pain reminding me that one is never alone when it comes to pain or sadness in the heart.

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